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Fish Cleaning


Call and Reserve the boat:   252-986-2515


Send your $300 deposit:

PO Box 120

Hatteras, NC 27943


Be at the dock 15 minutes before departure:

57976 NC  Highway 12 in Hatteras Village

GPS: 32.218109 - 75.695168


Turn right and park as close to our boats as you can, along the BACK of the Village Marina Motel


Bring coolers for your food and drink.

Alcohol is permitted.  Moderation is encouraged.


Have an extra cooler and zip lock bags in your vehicle for your cleaned fish.


FULL DAY OFFSHORE         $1250.00  Cash or Check

                                                $1290.00  Credit Card



HALF DAY NEAR SHORE     $550.00  Cash or Check

                                                $570.00  Credit Card


MAKE-UP rates (per person)





     Rates are for the BOAT regardless of the number of passengers.


     Due to U.S. Coast Guard regulations, we are limited to a

     maximum of 6 passengers (including children).





Call 252-986-2515  between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm.  (Calling a fisherman late at night is considered bad form!)



We prefer talking directly to you vs. electronic communication:


     1. Results in an immediate booking.


     2. Guarantees the date you want if it is available.


     3. Eliminates confusion.


     4. Ensures we are both clear about our expectations.


     5. Gives you a chance to get additional information and directions.



Once you are penciled in all we need to confirm is your deposit.

Make-Up Charters


You want to go offshore fishing but you have a small group and want to share the cost, then you are looking for a make-up charter.


Call us on your arrival to be added to the weekly make-up list. The cost is only $210 per person, a very good value on the Outer Banks.



A $300 deposit is REQUIRED for each trip, Offshore and Near Shore.


     1. The deposit must be sent immediately upon booking a



     2.  Make checks payable to The Albatross Fleet and mail to

          PO Box 120, Hatteras, NC 27943


     3.  The charter will be reserved only for 5 business day without

          a deposit.


     4.  After 5 days, the date will be made available to others if we

          have not received the deposit.


     5.  We will send written confirmation of a deposit received.

Hatteras Village

Albatross Fleet

Outer Banks of North Carolina

On the coast of North Carolina lies a fragile "ribbon of sand", barrier islands, collectively known as the Outer Banks located in some places more than 30 miles offshore from the mainland.  On the southern tip of one of those islands, Hatteras Island, lies a village named Hatteras.  It is here that the sport fishing industry of North Carolina began in 1937 with Captain Ernal Foster and his first boat the Albatross.  Today the village is a hub of charter boats taking sportsmen to the Gulf Stream, located 20 miles offshore, to try their their luck at landing big game fish.  Luck is part of the formula but know how and experience are more important and that is what you get when you fish with the Albatross Fleet whose experience now expands 80 years, the longest of any charter business in North Carolina.

Clicking here is the most convenient method to more accurately find our location and to get driving directions to our docks.



               Leave at 6:00 am - Return at 4:30 pm



               Leave at 6:30 am - Return at 11:00 am

               Leave at 12:30 pm - Return at 5:00 pm




2 WEEKS NOTICE of cancellation is required.


Anything less will result in loss of your deposit.


Weather and sea conditions are always a factor on a barrier island and forecasting is less than reliable this far out to sea and generally cannot be determined until the day of the trip.


 There are 3 possibilities:


     1.  We go fishing!


     2. Conditions are too bad and THE CAPTAIN cancels.  If

         we can, we reschedule or you get your deposit back.


     3. Conditions are iffy, but not dangerous.  The captain gives

         you his best evaluation based on many years of

         experience in these waters and lets you make the

         decision.  If you choose not to go, you get your deposit



It is standard practice world-wide to tip the mate.


The typical tip is 20% of the cost of the charter.


Tipping should reflect the courteous effort put forth by the mate rather than the luck of the catch.

Fish Cleaning

The Albatross Fleet has its own docks and its own fish cleaning facilities for its customers.  Rates are posted at the dock.


We offer three options:


     1. Pay to have them cleaned


     2. Clean them yourself - free


     3. Take them away with you - whole

Phone 252-986-2515

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